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Since so many people are wondering where our sandals are made and who designs them... is it Lola? I thought we should explain, as well as include a photo of the label's namesake, my daughter... Lola Libellule.

I design almost all of the sandals myself and I have been using the same suppliers (or their relatives!) for the last 12 years. I travel to Thailand and Vietnam to put together the new ranges. 

You are welcome to veiw our range at our warehouse by appointment only.

Click on sandals to view our latest range and then click on the photo for more details.

We will stagger our arrivals to introduce new styles and replicate the favourites so nothing should be out of stock for more than a few weeks.

Please contact myself or Caroline for a chat!

Happy shopping, Hannah :)

Office Hours- 9am-4pm Monday to Friday

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